Womxn Comedians: Loud and Proud

Image by 272447 from Pixabay featuring comedienne, singer, theatre and film actress Fanny Brice

Comedians of the world, which came on Netflix early 2019, featured many femxle comedians. Who were your favorites? And who else is out there?

Being funny in front of an audience is a craft that seems to often be underestimated. What is a fact is that it can be done without punching down. as the following hilarious people prove. This means doing stand-up that doesn’t make jokes at the expense of people in more vulnerable communities or positions in society. It is different to ‘punch up’ and make fun of those in power rather than punch down.

Seeing women do physical comedy, like Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine Benes in Seinfeld, is liberating.

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Nicole Byer

Outrageous, loud and unapologetic Nicole Byer asserts herself in her commanding stage presence. Not very subtle and with a hint of Miss Divine, powerhouse Nicole Byer has her toes dipped many a career pool. 

She famously presents Nailed it! On Netflix and has a podcast called Why Won’t You Date me. In the first episodes, she asks people she dated why they stopped dating, in each episode she talks with different guest each time about sex and relationships.

Hopefully us Europeans will be lucky enough to have her tour in Europe, before her stand-up can be seen on the Netflix stand-up series Comedians of the World.

Tig Notaro

Truly one of the funniest things in the whole entire universe. Friends, I know, shared it a 1000 times already.

Known for her deadpan comedy style, Tig Notaro managed to make her breast cancer and otherwise very difficult year very funny, at stand-up show turned Grammy-nominated comedy album called LIVE. I would recommend checking that out first and then see her fiction TV show One Mississippi, after which watch the documentary TIG. Your heart will be fully warmed, I promise.

Ali Wong

Deliciously raunchy, honest about motherhood, there’s a power in Ali Wong sharing whatever she wants on her terms.

With two Netflix comedy specials, Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife, plus two more on the way in 2020 Ali Wong is doing very well.

Next to doing stand-up she was writing for the TV show Fresh off the boat. 

What’s more, she was the lead in the movie Always Be My Maybe directed by Nahnatchka Khan, Ali Wong produced and wrote the movie together with co-star Randall Park. She also voiced the character Bertie in the Netflix animation series Tuca & Bertie.

Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes is a comedy veteran with a comedy special on Netflix called Not Normal. She produces, acts and writes and won a Primetime Emmy Award in 1999 for writing on the Chris Rock show. Edgy and sharp, she is famous for bluntly telling it like it is. Sykes named Moms Mabley as one of her inspirations, having watched her on the Ed Sullivan show.

Maria Bamford

New show with Maria Bamford interviewing people about mental health on streaming service Topic

Probably perceived as the looniest of tunes on this list, Maria Bamford will switch in an instant from persona to persona in her stand-up. Her Netflix fiction series was even more absurd and out-there. Maria Bamford’s ingenious comedy also deals with her depression and anxiety which is unique and admirable, but no less funny. Groundbreaking and hilarious.

Soundos El Ahmadi

Featured in Comedians of the world and representing the Netherlands, it was a gift to see Soundos El Ahmadi do stand-up even for Dutch audiences as upcoming comedians get little opportunities on Dutch television. 

She demonstrates the power that lies in vulnerability by sharing personal stories and she speaks up loudly about her experiences with racism and sexism. While some people still seem to retaliate against women with strong opinions, for Soundos El Ahmadi the only way is forward.

Soundos El Ahmadi is also a TV presenter and an actress. She performs her comedy live in the Netherlands, hopefully she will perform in Amsterdam again soon.

Marc Maron

And now for our token bro Marc Maron! Unlike many comedians, Marc Maron doesn’t simply go through a list of jokes on stage. With many decades of experience, he goes on stage without a plan and works on material in front of people and it is a pleasure to witness. 

Marc Maron is well known for his influential podcast WTF with Marc Maron in which he interviews comedians, actors, directors, writers, authors, musicians and folks from all walks of life to his garage for amazingly revealing conversations. Many women in comedy have passed the stage there, that I hadn’t heard of, providing incredible insights and heartfelt moments. For example, take a listen to Maria Bamford as a guest.

In Conclusion

Not only active in stand-up, these established comedians are making their mark on culture in many other ways, also working behind the scenes as writers or producers. An article about womxn who made comedy history is also in the making so stay tuned.

You already know: Amy Schumer, Joan Rivers, Hannah Gadsby

Who are your favorite Remarkable comedians?

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