Reinilde Jonkhout lives and works in Amsterdam. She is a multi-media artist and also hosts Creative Journey intuitive painting workshops.

Why I Do What I Do –

I enjoy bringing people together – in this society I feel like we are already too much on our own. As an artist I could decide to do small creative works in an attic for the rest of my life, but I only discover new ways of working when I magnify small sketches and try out different materials/ ways of working. I notice that my creativity comes alive when I share it with others, in whatever way. That is why I organize exhibitions. That’s why I give workshops, though they are not about work. I know the challenges of being able to enjoy creativity, for the inexperienced as well as for professionals, and I know the possibilities of making something in the moment without being judgmental of yourself, the way young children can.

That is why I like to provide a setting in which that is possible. Meeting other people gives me energy (though I can be shy, LOL) . It would be great to connect while I’m organizing and hosting Intuitive Painting-Creative Journeys, and get to know one another in a different way and to give others a quality way of being together.

Feel free to get in touch! To find out more about my tastes and palettes Check Out My Blog!

About the term womxn on my Blog, from Wikipedia:

The term Womxn is an alternative term for the English language word women which has been regularly in use since 2015 to explicitly include transgender women and women of color. It has been used in a similar manner as womyn and wimmin, as a rejection of the folk etymology of ‘woman’ allegedly being ‘of man’.

There are some dudes featured on the blog, to which I say, gender is a construct.