Installation Art

2019 – Love Troll Baby Blue

As a commission for the Paradiso Small Museum in Amsterdam, Reinilde Jonkhout created an art work around the theme ‘The new punk’.

Vulnerability as the new counterculture in a prevailing culture of harsh (online) rhetoric. Algorithms are pushing misery and dehumanisation to be the new mainstream media. Sensitivity, doubt and vulnerability are now revolutionary. The mini t-shirts represent the next generation with the opportunity to do things differently, on the other hand, some prospective parents choose not to have children to spare them the coming apocalypse. When the end constantly seems imminent, a playful attitude, like children have, may be the new punk. To look around us anew and discover what makes us tick. To live, as one of the mini-shirts says, everyday like it’s your first day on earth.



In the future there is one global central authority where all media is created. Those who create something different from the norm are banned from media creation and eliminated.

Art Installation Overview

The video shown above is a model, a view from the top of my art-installation the church of lame, in combination with some documentation. It is meant to give you an impression of the set-up. The music you are hearing now is a condensed version of the half-hour soundtrack that was playing throughout the space.

The music loops separately from the video loops. This creates a different montage of video and music each time, in combination with dialogue through the headphones. The length of this video is as long as the longest video being looped (top central projection) the video below is a film version of several of the videos in the installation.

FELLOWS: Female Pillows


When are our desires authentic? Is it a personal expression or our desires created for us? What does the image of a woman mean (to her) when it is pre-constructed for her? How do our bodies react to our environment? What kind of creation process do we get when not rejecting the emotional, but instead bringing multi-faceted approaches linked to the emotional, manipulatory and the physical experience? When we question what we take for granted and consume, let’s grant our emotions a place in our analysis, let us play. There is a shared mucus layer of media and pop-culture in us, tucked in a place inside us where it lives and grows. All that information influences our thoughts and behaviour. A phrase such as ‘remember, it’s just a movie’, is a denial of those influences, and how those influences and our behaviour/ experience feed off of each other. As I both condemn and celebrate this influence, I recognise its feeling of familiarity while at the same time recognising it is not innocent.

 (AMANDA TODD VIDEO) My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm. Click to watch on Youtube: